What is composite decking made of?

The main raw materials include natural fiber materials such as polyethylene (PE), wood powder or bamboo powder.

What is composite decking made of?

Composite decking, as a new favorite in the field of modern outdoor decoration and construction, is gradually gaining popularity.

The production process of this composite decking material is exquisite and scientific, combining the advantages of traditional wood with modern plastics, and transforming it into a new environmentally friendly material through high-tech means.

The main raw materials include natural fiber materials such as polyethylene (PE), wood powder or bamboo powder.

In production, these raw materials are granulated after high-speed mixing and processed by extruder.

The produced composite decking inherits the two characteristics of the natural beauty of wood and the durability of plastic.

This type of composite decking not only has a natural wood feel in appearance, but also has a variety of color options to meet personalized needs; at the same time, it has strong plasticity and can easily achieve personalized shapes, fully reflecting individual style.

More importantly, its excellent environmental performance: high environmental protection, pollution-free, recyclable and other characteristics make composite decking an ideal choice under a sustainable economy

Composite decking does not contain harmful substances such as formaldehyde and benzene, adding a guarantee to home safety.

Easy installation is another major advantage of composite decking.

It does not require complicated processes, is easy to construct, and saves time and money in the decoration process.

Due to its excellent physical properties – good strength, high hardness, anti-slip and wear-resistant, no cracking, composite decking is particularly widely used outdoors, whether it is garden landscape or villa platform, it can be seen.

It is worth mentioning that composite decking is easy to maintain, does not crack, expand, or deform, does not require maintenance, and is very easy to clean.

What is even more commendable is that its sound absorption effect is good, which can significantly improve the energy saving effect of the room and reduce noise pollution.

It is precisely because of these unparalleled advantages that composite decking has occupied a place in the construction and decoration industry in modern society.

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