Why woodedtech

Eco Business

Greenhouse effect makes people face the environmental issues. Previously, people did great damages to ecological environment for the sake of social development. One Chinese old saying is so: when the calf is stolen, the farmer mends the stall. However what can we do and how to save our planet?

WPC is one new recyclable material which can successfully replace the application of real wood, and what is more the raw materials and WPC production are totally zero-pollution. Woodedtech realize that WPC materials will be a worldwide trend for sustainable development because of its environmental concepts.

The principle of Woodedtech is save the earth, save the forest. We will keep leading the eco trend and displaying new products to all over the world.

For Cooperater

Woodedtech believe that integrity and good quality is our top priority. In order to carry our points, we promise the points below to our cooperators:

1, we built a testing lab at the factory for testing every batch products

2, we directly cooperating with university for R&D and new products development.

3, we planning to increase production lines so that to make sure the production time for our customers.

4, we provide all backup for our clients, such as, installation guide, E-document and job reference, etc.

We hope we can create a win-win future with our cooperators. If you are interested in our products, you can contact us anytime.

Our Wish

Due to the booming development of industrialization, we are facing global warming, polar melting, climatic anomaly, sand storm, desertification and other problems. Therefore environmental concepts and a sustainable future are now the topic of the world.

WPC is a new composite materials which can be a excellent substitution to real wood. The better performance and workability are even better than real wood. Woodedtech spare no effort to popularize this new product and made more and more people known.

Woodedtech wish our new products can bring our clients an idea: save the earth, save the forests.