wpc wall panel hs code

The export customs code (HS code) of wpc wall panel is 3925900000

wpc wall panel hs code

The export customs code (HS code) of wpc wall panel is 3925900000

In modern home decoration, the creation of outdoor space is increasingly valued.

Whether it is a courtyard, balcony or terrace, a beautiful and practical wall panel is the key to enhancing the outdoor atmosphere.

What I want to introduce to you today is an outdoor wpc wall panel that is both environmentally friendly and durable. It not only has a unique appearance, but also has strong weather resistance, which perfectly solves the various pain points of outdoor wall decoration.

This outdoor wpc wall panel uses advanced composite material technology to perfectly blend wood powder and plastic, forming a feature that has both the beauty of wood and the ability to withstand harsh climates.

Compared with traditional wood, it will not mold and rot due to rain soaking, nor will it crack and deform due to long-term exposure, greatly reducing maintenance costs and replacement frequency.

The installation process of wpc wall panel is extremely simple.

Due to the lightness of the material, one person can easily carry and install it.

The wall panels are fixed by special connectors. No professional technicians are required. A simple household tool can complete all operations, saving time and effort.

We offer a wide range of options for color and texture.

Whether you prefer natural wood grain or a more modern smooth surface, you can find a satisfactory answer in our product range.

At the same time, we can also provide customized services according to the specific needs of customers to ensure that each wall panel can seamlessly connect with the style of your space.

As for the price issue that everyone cares about, we promise to provide products with extremely high cost performance.

Considering its durability and ease of maintenance, in the long run, this outdoor wpc wall panel will help you save a lot of later investment and achieve real value for money.

If you are looking for a wall panel material that can enhance the appearance of your outdoor space without frequent maintenance, then this outdoor wpc wall panel is undoubtedly your ideal choice.

Don’t hesitate, contact us now to bring a beautiful transformation to your outdoor space!

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