wpc decking joists

Each joist installation method is designed for a specific scenario to ensure the best performance of outdoor wpc decking.

wpc decking joists

When constructing outdoor landscapes or leisure spaces, it is crucial to choose a suitable wpc decking.

However, many consumers often overlook an equally important component – joists.

As the basic support for the installation of wpc decking, the selection and installation method of joists directly affect the service life and stability of the floor. .

On the market, there are three main installation methods for joists for outdoor wpc decking, which are suitable for different ground conditions. .

For occasions where vegetation needs to be protected or large-scale drainage is not possible, such as ponds and lakes or visiting trails on park ecological agricultural crops, it is recommended to use galvanized ground screws directly screwed into the ground, and then weld galvanized pipes on the screws as joists. .

This method not only effectively protects the environment, but also ensures the stability of the plank road.

Especially when the installation environment is humid, using hot-dip galvanized square tubes as joists can prevent rust and extend the service life. .

For the ground with a concrete foundation and leveling, the wood-plastic joists can be directly fixed to the concrete using plastic expansion plugs. .

This method simplifies the installation steps and ensures a firm connection between the floor and the ground. It is a common method in urban outdoor landscape construction.

One situation is a pure mud ground, where the floor installation surface needs to be raised.

At this time, a foundation pit can be excavated on the ground to pre-embed concrete and galvanized pipe columns. .

Although this method is more complicated to construct, it can effectively solve the problem of uneven ground while providing strong support.

After the pre-embedded columns are completed, galvanized pipe joists with a recommended specification of 40*60mm or more are welded on the columns. .

Each joist installation method is designed for a specific scenario to ensure the best performance of outdoor wpc decking.

Choosing the right joists and taking the right installation method can not only enhance the stability and durability of the floor, but also improve the overall aesthetics.

While enjoying the natural beauty, you can also experience a safe and comfortable outdoor living space.

Remember that high-quality joists are also an indispensable part of a high-quality outdoor experience.

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